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Corporate Social Responsibility

A strengthening relationship between the industry and the society laid the true foundation of sustainable growth. The underlying interdependence between the two is a true ideology behind the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). No industry can prosper and flourish without acknowledging its core values and making a way for improving the quality of life by taking active part in socio-economic development concerns of its operating locations.

As Arise India Limited is heading towards newer avenues of excellence and trust, the company strives to focus on contributing towards improving the living conditions of the people where it operates. Reliving the dream of ‘giving back to society’ Arise India is actively participating in nurturing a better future by adopting homeless and orphan children. Since 1997, Mr. Avinash Jain of Arise India has established an orphanage named ‘SWEET HOME’ in Tura Mandi, New Delhi. The shelter ensures to offer a happy family to all orphans by taking care of their needs in every possible way. ‘SWEET HOME’ safeguards the future of young children by nurturing them into confident, talented and passionate citizens of the country.

Sweet Home Logo
Sweet Home
Mr. Avinash Jain (M.D. Arise Mobile) along with children of Sweet Home

SWEET HOME’ is a home to 45 plus children who can count their childhood bliss once again. In fact, the orphanage has taken some extra steps to help children reunite with their families. With a dream of ‘protecting childhood’ Arise India stands firm to help every child to enjoy his or her childhood with dignity and joy. Apart from providing a happy childhood, ‘SWEET HOME’ helps children to get proper educational & vocational opportunities.

Arise India plans to take its initiative globally by inviting more helping hands in its welfare programs so that no child is robbed of childhood and bereft of a shelter.